Monday, May 1, 2017

Literature Review #5: The Demand for Student-Athlete Labor and the Supply of Violations in the NCAA

1. Visual

2. Citation
Harris, Jill S. "The Demand for Student-Athlete Labor and the Supply of Violations in the NCAA." Marquette Sports Law Review 26.2 (2016): 411-432.

3. Summary
This piece, written by author Jill Harris, focuses primarily on the cartel characteristics the NCAA holds true and dear to its heart. The write up develops a theoretical framework for the supply of NCAA violations and its demand for student-athlete labor.

4. Author
Jill Harris- An author for the Marquette Sports Review at one time, does not have much information regarding her personal life on the internet. Ms. Harris maybe using a "fake" author name to conceal her identity. Nonetheless, she shines a great light on how the NCAA is a form of a cartel and seeks to unearth the corruption that lies within the NCAA framework.

5. Key Terms
-crime literature

"The NCAA exhibits so many “classical” cartel characteristics it is essentially a textbook case” (Harris 413).
"The investigation of NCAA behavior is influenced most by economics of crime literature. Cheating on NCAA amateurism rules can be modeled as a rational choice. Detection and punishment of cartel cheating, thus, become necessary functions of the NCAA" (Harris 415).

7. Values
Jill Harris' main objective in this piece is to uncover how and why the NCAA indirectly promotes cartel-type rationalizations, but doesn't punish itself when caught doing so. She calls on the National Collegiate Athletics Associations to own up to its wrongdoings instead of hiding from the truth.

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