Monday, May 1, 2017

Blog #10: Abstract and Works Cited

After researching the corrupt nature of the NCAA, I learned that no matter how corrupt as institution can be, as long as the brand is in complete control, the autonomy it has can easily turn into corruption. Continuously surviving scandal after scandal and profiting through the years by exploiting its own student-athletes has been the “bread and butter” of the National Collegiate Athletics Association. Maybe one day there will be change for the better, change where there are way less scandals and violations incurred by these major Division 1 programs. But as long as the NCAA remains the pipeline for student-athletes to become professionals at their respective sports, this change we seek may never come to fruition. There is the slight ability for the NCAA to become even more corrupt than it is now, especially if “student”-athlete regulations become stricter and sports media becomes more dependent on the NCAA’s weaknesses than it already is now.
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