Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Literature Review #3: The Cartel

The Cartel, written by Taylor Branch, focuses on a three-point reform agenda for the NCAA to follow in order to clean up its image and public perception.

1) Transparency- Alumni, principle stakeholders and fans must be ensured that entire, verifiable and forthright records for athletic proceeds and obligations are accessible for viewing. The stakeholders would cover the school's athletic department, students both on and off its athletic squads, representatives of the school’s bureaucratic leadership and its faculty.

2) Balance- Stakeholders should be obliged to exercise conjunctive responsibility for the distinct spheres of both sports and academics. For instance, they should be allowed to address in particular any discrepancy allowed for athletic recruits in University admissions. More generally speaking, they could allot a percentage of sports broadcasting and advertising receipts to the common academic financial plan. Stakeholders could also fix the class calendar to help seasonal demands on athletes and take steps towards encouraging interaction in campus life between the regular students and collegiate athletes, too.

3) Equity- Colleges and universities must respect the fundamental rights of every student, whether or not that respective student is deemed an athlete at the school or not. On the other hand, no freedom should be cut down because of an athletic position at the University. To meet empirical needs and desires, all students should be qualified to lookout for just reimbursement in full or part-time jobs, work-study programs, and all other authorized ventures whether affiliated or not with their respective University.

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